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Krzysztof lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. He is a painter, and a sculptor. He emerged in 2006 and  gained recognition from art collectors, critics and his peers. He started working in sculpture, which is visible in his later works, but discovered more creative freedom in the medium of paint. He is inspired by the human body and it"s ability to convey individual personality and emotions. As Krzysztof says, his art, instead of moralising, is supposed to inspire true feelings.



The paintings by Krzysztof Cielak manifest mainly the features of such trends as photorealism and pop art. Those, mixed with the artist’s abstract concepts, create a remarkable yet simple in form alternative painting, without unnecessary moralizing or pomposity. First of all, his art is definitely a novelty. A true passion for painting can be seen behind the innovative shapes and the courage to experiment. Secondly the diversity of Cielak’s works shows that his vivid imagination has a huge potential. But however varied his works may be, there is still a cohesion between them and there is no doubt that they were all created by the same artist. They are not only linked by the technique, framing or the characteristic use of color. What connects them is the beauty of the body, eroticism and the capturing of the variety of emotions hidden in every human being. And the most important in the paintings is translating the social moralizing art into the art of emotion and feeling and just looking…

“…Cielak is a name worth remembering. I myself am a lucky owner of one of his paintings…
Maciej Zie

“…First of all a woman – one can say looking at Krzysztof Cielak’s works. She is both the subject and the object of the paintings. He treats her a bit like a statue, a bit playfully. And somewhere in-between arises the truth about her, about you, about us…
Anna Gruewska – Elle Decoration

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